Gymnasium is a MOOC-style website built by Aquent to address the ever expanding skills gap in the design world. The site was built from from scratch, by a handful of scrappy designers, coders, and biz dev folks passionate about helping talent gain the skills they need to become successful in producing amazing work. My role on this project was to establish a brand identity and guidelines for Gymnasium, create fluid responsive templates and UI that could scale and be flexible enough to endure the ever changing needs of the business, provide ongoing support with front end coding challenges, and log countless hours of QA and bug testing. The result is an ever expanding course catalog coupled by rave reviews from students and peers in the digital community.

What I can do for you

Visual Design

Delivering bespoke designs that capture the imagination and speak to your audience, I will deliver designs that look great on ultra-wide screens as well as small mobile devices. This service includes an interactive prototype so you can click through the interface and provide feedback seamlessly.

Whether your designs call for custom illustrations, professional photography, video, or 3D, I've got you covered.

Web Design

Wordpress isn't the only CMS out there, but it's still one of the most popular. I've been developing WP sites for many years and I will create a custom theme that looks exactly like visual design that you have in mind. If you don't need a full-blown CMS and want a slick single-page app, I'm well-versed in those too.

From hosting, email, custom contact forms, e-commerce, I can get your site up quickly and professionallly.

Custom Web Experience

Sometimes you need something completely bespoke, whether it's an interactive 3D tour, a responsive diagram, or a parallax scrollthrough design. Or maybe you don't know how to even describe what you want. Whatever you can dream up, I can help you make it real.